Simplest Way Query & Visualize Your Data

TextQuery is a Mac app that loads almost any data file (CSV, TSV, JSON, XLSX) as a table, and lets you query + visualize your data with SQL. TextQuery is a fast and easy alternative to using multiple tools, writing code, or complex Excel queries, for analysing data.

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Why I am Building TextQuery App

I love SQL. I have been using it for nearly a decade and I think it’s the fastest and the most intuitive way to query data!

I deal with data on a daily basis and querying it has always been a P-A-I-N. To even get simple answers, I have to either write code or define the table properly in locally installed DBMS before I can even start query. Multiple formats makes it even a bigger hassle as I have to convert the files before importing.

With TextQuery, my aim is to create an app that understands and parses most popular data file formats, creates tables, allows users to run SQL on it, and lets users do easy visualizations for a quick analysis.

I want to automate all the tedious tasks, so one can focus on what matters - data analysis.