All-in-One macOS Tool to Query CSV Files

TextQuery lets you quickly import CSV files as a table, query it using SQL, and create stunning charts from those results.

Import CSV in Seconds

TextQuery intelligently parses your CSV and creates schema with correct data types. No more wasting time in writing table definitions manually. Import CSVs in seconds.

Browse, Query, Export

Once imported, you can explore your CSV data like a spreadsheet, perform queries using SQL, and export those results just as easily.

Clean, Beautiful Charts

TextQuery allows you to create six types of charts with host of customization options. Create beautiful charts and share them anywhere.

Incredibly Fast Queries

Powered by DuckDB, TextQuery enables powerful querying capabilities for your data. You can query hundreds of millions of rows in < 500ms. No indexes required.

Built with Privacy & Security in Mind

No data related to usage is ever recorded in TextQuery. Query sensitive data without worrying about security. It's secure because nothing leaves your computer.

Pay Once, Use Forever

We hate needless subscriptions as much as you do. TextQuery comes with a perpetual license. Keep using the app with a single license and pay only for updates.

Distraction-free Updates

TextQuery updates automatically in the background, just like Google Chrome. Use the latest version without dealing with interruptions.

This is a wonderful app! There's essentially no learning curve if you already know SQL, and the chart creation feature is fantastic.

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Greg Williams

Try TextQuery For Free

Evaluate our free version with certain limitations and upgrade to Pro when you feel like it.